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Medi-Cal Weight Loss

How it Works

The Medi-Cal Weight Reduction Program, when followed as directed, has been proven to provide RAPID healthy weight reduction.  Our Medi-Cal nutritional supplement is a very high quality protein meal substitution that contains all of the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals required to maintain good health.  Muscles, especially the heart muscle, are not damaged as they can be with some other very restrictive diets.  You will be allowed 5 servings of the Medi-Cal supplement daily along with substantial amounts of non-caloric liquids to maintain hydration.  Only about 500 calories are consumed daily, and, because of the high quality protein consumed, muscle mass is maintained.  When followed properly the weight loss is very fast, dramatic and healthy.

As you lose your excess weight you will be required to have regular blood work done at a laboratory.  As your weight goes down the medications you are taking regularly may need to be adjusted.  For example, if you are a diabetic and take insulin or other diabetic medication, the medication dose may need to be changed as body weight quickly decreases. If you take medications for high blood pressure, these will also have to be monitored as you lose weight.  There are a variety of other medications that may require dosage modification as well, and, because you will be closely followed by our physician, he will inform you so that your primary care physician can make necessary changes.

It is important to remember that because of the very low calories consumed, medical supervision is mandatory to maintain good health during this protein-sparing modified fast.  

If you qualify as an approved patient for this program there will be a charge of $175 for the initial office visit.  At that time a history and physical will be performed, and blood tests will be ordered. An EKG will also be performed at an additional charge if you do not have a current  EKG test available for our records.  The cost of your Medi-Cal supplement will be approximately $65 weekly which is generally less than purchasing meals in restaurants or even preparing them yourself.  Follow up office visits will cost $35. Depending on the number of weeks you are on Medi-Cal, additional lab tests will be ordered as necessary.    

Positive results happen so quickly when this program is followed correctly, it won’t be long before you are using your customized maintenance program. This customized phase is easy to follow.  It is a maintenance program that will become part of you for the rest of your life.


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